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RealData Technology Promotes the Development of Digital Forensics Industry Based on the Actual Demand

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 On Aug. 16 and 17, The 4th China Internet Security Conference was grandly held in the National Convention Center. The Conference was led by the Cyberspace Administration of China, Ministry of Industry and Information, and Ministry of Public Security and jointly held by Internet Society of China, China Association of Cyberspace Security, 360 Internet Security Center. Over 30, 000 security industry personnel carried out hot discussion around world network security trend, cyberspace strategy, industrial direction, industrial trend, technological future, talent cultivation, etc. China Internet Security Conference has become the Internet Security Summit with highest standard, largest scale and profound influence in Asian-Pacific Region.

At the product exhibition in the same term, Beijing RealData Technology Co., Ltd. and RealData (Nanjing) Technology Co., Ltd. showed various products in digital forensics field and displayed products of our corporation. The booth was arranged exquisitely and attracted many audiences to know about us and communicate with us. Hereinto, various software suppliers understood RealData Network Forensics System carefully. The system is currently used for investigation work of Customs in some regions.

When receiving the interview of journalist from Seque Media, Wangyu, General Manager of RealData Technology expressed that network technology was an important constituent of people’s life. When it grew up rapidly, network crime also increased rapidly, such as financial fraud, sale of smuggled commodity, tort of intellectual property, etc. In order to deal with network crime, network forensics was vital.

With the development of network technology, data security encounters a new round of opportunity and challenge. Digital forensics industry should seize the chance to promote the industrial development. RealData will innovate, construct and improve digital forensics product line continuously. Specific to different information crime scenes, it will provide matching digital forensics solutions.

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