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Real Data Participated in the Sixth National Computer Forensics Technology Seminar

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On December 17th and 18th , the Sixth National Computer Forensics Seminar and the Second International Digital Crime and Forensics Seminar were held in the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications. The seminars were sponsored by the Chinese Internet Security Association and the expert committee of the Chinese Institute of Electronics and Computer Forensics. The Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, the Software Institute of Chinese Academy of Science, the Electronic Evidence Research Center of the China University of Political Science and Law, the No.1 and No.3 Institutes of the Ministry of Public Security co-sponsored the seminar. As one of the sponsors, the Real Data Science & Technology Company along with its counterparts the Meiya Pico Information Technology Company and the Pansafe Software Company provided support to the seminar as well .




The seminar discussed the following issues in depth, including mobile forensics, big data forensics, forensics of intellectual property disputes and other issues. The experts participated in the seminar exchanged the latest achievements in the field of computer forensics technology.  The Real Data set up the booth in the meeting venue to publicize its products and organized its staff members to listen to the reports of the experts and scholars. The staff members benefited a lot from the reports.





In this seminar, the Real Data manager Mr. Wang Yu attended the paper lecturing activities and delivered his speech on the topic of the design and implementation of the anti-smuggling network forensics system of customs on December 17th afternoon. The speech made a good response among the guests present and won the second prize of in the selection of outstanding papers of the seminar.




The seminar discussed the issues such as the trends of forensics technology, the future development of forensics industry, which have the great guiding significance for the Real Data in its market expansion and technology development.


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