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RealData electronic evidence fixation system can prove that electronic evidence are not modified from obtaining to displaying in the court. The system relies on the patent “an adoptable safeguard method and system for electronic data evidence”. It guarantees the adoptability of electronic evidence technologically. Based on the above technology, RealData develops a series of electronic evidence fixation devices. Such serial devices has such basic functions as position, time obtention, access control, hash verification, encrypted storage, etc. And, it is used to safeguard the adoptability of electronic evidence.


The system realizes organic combination of various elements such as file hash, time, place, personnel information, etc. It ensures the untamperable of evidence in an all-round way and ensures the adoptability of the evidence.


The system generates the information related with evidence into QR code in a general format. QR code is easy to store and read as well as without modifying the file. Not only does it ensures the evidentiary effect of the file, but also protects the file contents.


The system can produce normalized and readable report. The report lists all kinds of information during the evidence fixation process. It provides convenience for related personnel to refer to and use in the judicial procedure.


The system can combine with cloud service to provide reliable evidence cloud storage for the users and realize “Internet+” service mode of electronic file evidence presenting and expertise.