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System introduction: RealData Network Forensics System is an application system specialized in remote website fixation and analysis. It is applicable to various forms of websites ad forums. Besides, it can analyze the webpage structure intelligently and rapidly. And it can mirror the webpage according to the original state to local disk.This system meets the demand of investigator for website forensics and provides powerful and diversified electronic evidence support for the judicial process. Jiangsu Science and Technology News has ever given a special report about the system. Relying on “RealData Network Forensics System”, RealData (Nanjing) Technology Co., Ltd. won the provincial excellence prize in Haizhi competition of 4th China Jiangsu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest.


Main function of the system:

Webpage mirroring: mirror website by domain name , the system identifies the webpage structure automatically and keeps the directory structure of original website. Multi-thread mirror image technology makes the mirror image process more rapidly.


Offline analysis: the system realizes offline browsing of mirrored content, intelligent search by keywords, and rapid analysis of website type.


Case management: software page layout optimization, toolbar mapping, blendent specialization, case establishment and case retrieval meet the actual use demand. 


Evidence fixation: the system supports evidence fixation and verification. It provides powerful technical support for the judicial process.


Screen capture: the system has built-in screen capture and recording function,which conforms to the actual demand.